Stella has worked with bright young men and women for over a decade to help them establish and advance their careers. Using Stella's proven techniques, clients feel well-prepared and confident in any situation.
Recent Success Stories

Stella's clients have been hired by leading companies, law firms, and universities. Among the many are CNN, King and Spalding Law Firm, Disney, Georgia Tech, The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and The State of Georgia Chamber of Commerce, AIG Financial, Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical.

My job provides me the opportunity to wake up every day looking forward to the tasks before me.  Without your guidance and encouragement there is a good chance I would have never found the direction that has led me on my way.  - Brandon Reese, Government Relation Representative, Georgia Electric Membership Corporation

Thank you for taking the time to help me develop a better way to show future employers at Randall Rielly my skills and assets. I feel with your help and cheerfulness, very confident walking into the room coming out a winner.