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you have been an inspiration to me and have motivated me to be my best in every area of my life. thanks for all your help with my pageants.”
how to make money doing reviews for amazonthroughout the years, your motivation and many smiles have inspired me to reach inside and find who i really am and what i can accomplish. your inspiring words have touched my life with so much help in interviews and as a person. i appreciate the time and preparation you spent helping me achieve y dreams.”
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"stella helped me really prepare for several college scholarship interviews. she prepared me for tough questions, and at the same time helped me be more conversational.”how to make money doing reviews for amazon

"john, preston, and i can not thank you enough for your assistance in coaching preston through this uga process. we feel you are a gift and a blessing to him. the encouragement and lessons you provide will go a long way to advancing him in many areas of his life. thank you again.” how to make money doing reviews for amazon

"as part of my interview process, i was interviewed over dinner at a fine restaurant. stella took me to a restaurant and coached me on etiquette as well as interview questions. i got the job thanks to her. when i started working with stella, i was quite shy. her sessions were of great value to me. with each one, i became more confident in myself and my abilities.”
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"stella’s interview seminar greatly prepared my students for the governor’s honors interview process. the students and their parents felt the children were more confident and informed going into the interview.”
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"i have greatly improved my interview skills and self-confidence since i have been working with stella.”
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“i am currently working toward my masters degree in nursing. the program requires that i give presentations. stella has helped me tremendously with my speaking skills as well as my confidence in presenting to a group.how to make money doing reviews for amazon

- tracy farriba, rn, b.s. director, gordon home care of gordon hospital

stella delighted and charmed georgia’s counselors at the region iv meeting of the georgia school counselors’ association in madison, georgia.  her enthusiastic style and timely words of wisdom both inspired and motivated our counselors to excellence in not only our careers but in our personal lives as well.  thank you for being a shining example for us! how to make money doing reviews for amazon

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